Collection: Blue Mountain Live Edge Locust

Live Edge means that the wood used to build these ONE-OF-A-KIND pieces are rough sawn and have not been run through the mill and cut in a straight line. It also means that we embrace the sections of the tree that may include color variations, knots, worm holes or other natural occurrences. Our Blue Mountain live edge lumber is carefully handled to retain the shape of the tree's natural edge and the bark is left intact so that a rustic, unique piece emerges every time. This means that no one in the world will have a piece just like yours!

Available in several sizes and stain finishes to fit exactly where you need it to, these items look great when they are used to match up with the other rustic pieces in our Live Edge Locust Furniture Collection or mixed and matched with outdoor furniture you already have. Whether you are looking for pieces to blend in with your yard or garden or to be the signature piece on your patio, our Blue Mountain Live Edge Collection has just what you need!

Made from forest grown Honey Locust Trees, these pieces are heavy, substantial and very rustic looking. They are also naturally very weather resistant. Please remember that Locust lumber is wood, and natural, untreated wood is an organic substance that tries its hardest to match its environment- that means it moves, cracks, swells, and shrinks. If left out in the open weather day after day and year after year it will do all of these to a larger degree than if it is covered or protected from the harshest elements.

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